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BBC unveils new features for the iPlayer streaming service

National broadcaster BBC is going to roll out some new changes to its streaming service which will bring it more into line with Netflix and Amazon Prime. These changes will be brought in over the next few weeks and will also offer extended hardware support for existing options.

Before you will be able to use these it is necessary to be signed up so that it will recognise automatically the point that you had reached in any particular show. At present the cross service resume will only be for desk top, tablets and mobile, so if you have a smart TV as well as streaming boxes, you will have to wait just a bit longer before support for this is added.

Another new section, which is already available for people accessing via the desktop version and will be rolled out to the iPlayer’s mobile and tablet apps by this weekend, is my programmes. This keeps track of these shows that you are just part way through advising when new episodes of these shows are ready for you to watch.

Again another item which has been available for desktops, in fact since 2012, is beginning to make its way to other devices and this is the BBC’s Live Restart feature. This feature allows you restart a show that’s being broadcast live from the beginning.

All these are worthwhile changes that will benefit users of this BBC service, which we are sure, will be welcome.