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Checking UK mobile coverage now available through interactive map

It is now possible, with the help of the mobile coverage checker released by Ofcom, to avoid what for many has been the disappointment of buying a new smartphone and entering into an agreement with a service provider, only to find that when you got home there was limited, or worse no signal.

This can now be avoided by checking beforehand the signal coverage by the four network providers, EE, O2, Three or Vodafone, and it also allows you to assess voice calls, 3G data or 4G data, finally whether they are inside or outdoors. It is also claimed that topographical data is taken into account, with valleys being the usual culprit for dead spots.

The interactive map works by the user entering their postcode, this will then zoom into your desired area and highlight the region green for good, yellow for “you may experience some problems” and red for, give up now. It is also possible to manually zoon into an area and it has a claimed accuracy of 100 square metres.

There does appear to be one big snag though, that is the data used is provided by the networks themselves, but Ofcom is saying that it also conducts checks itself which it has integrated into the map. It is also appealing to the public to conduct tests themselves and to alert the authority if the green shown does not reflect actual performance.

We have to say that the interactive map is at least a good start and it will give a reasonable indication of the coverage before deciding to enter a contract or change supplier. What is clear is that at one time it was a “nice to have” thing for home mobile phone coverage, this is no longer the case as it is now considered essential to many of us, the map at least is the most comprehensive tool that we have for business and consumers to check coverage across the UK.