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Seagate 400GB External Hard Drive

Seagate 400gb 400GB of portable storage is ideal for photos or music or even backing up your data. Firstly we would like to praise Seagate on the great back up software they have bundled in with this drive. It’s so easy to use and install. All you need to do is point it to the drive you want backing up, then choose whether you want it to back it up daily, weekly, monthly or yearly. Then choose whether it’s to re-write all info or just new data, choose a time and that’s it done. It’s also good at doing mapped drives as well so you can backup your entire office data automatically through the night.

It has a nicely designed caddy and looks like it could take a few knocks.
The only downfall of the product is having to have the power adaptor. It would be nice if the power lead plugged straight into the caddy.

The hard drive has Firewire and USB2. We chose to use Firewire as you’re more likely to use a USB port than you are a Firewire port and the speed difference between the too isn’t really that noticeable. We would recommend this drive to everyone even the smaller sized drives like the 300GB and 200GB will be just as great