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Gogoro launches innovative electric Smartscooter to combat pollution in big cities

For major cities, London is one example, pollution is on the increase and measures to combat this are being sought. Currently measures such as such as Low Emission Zones and Congestion Zones are being implemented in an effort to reduce the effects caused through engine exhaust fumes.

Electrically powered transport is being increasingly used and the Taiwanese company Gogoro’s Smartscooter, which was launched at the Consumer Electronic Show, could be one way to successfully combat the problem. What makes this electric scooter different is that the company envisages a series of battery swapping stations that will allow the user to simply remove the depleted cells and change them for fully charged ones in a matter of a few seconds. This has always been the “Achilles Heel” of electric vehicles which have to have the batteries recharged at designated charging points. These stations are referred to as GoStations where the batteries can be exchanged without having to wait around during the charging process.

The design of the scooter is key to its success, comfort, range, acceleration and handling is vitally important. The electric motor runs much cooler than in other similar vehicles. The scooter has a lightweight racing grade aluminium chassis, suspension that was inspired by jet-fighter landing gear, giving the rider both comfort as well as balance. The on-board sensors will allow the rider information about top speed and power consumption, but more importantly it tells the rider the nearest GoStation if the batteries are running low.

The idea of the GoStations is a vital element if the scooter is to be a success, as the practicality of powering electric vehicles has previously been an obstacle in convincing the public to switch over from petrol. Short battery life can prevent vehicles from being able to run without regular use of charging stations. Gogoro is planning to set up a worldwide network of GoStations, necessary if the project is to be successful.

Luke Horace, co-founder and CEO of Gogoro and former chief innovation officer at smartphone-maker HTC, believe that the major cities of the world are now at tipping point, he is quoted as saying: , “It is essential that we reimagine the energy infrastructure and create a renewed mind-set for change in tomorrow’s urban generation”.



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