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Commodore pleads with customers to take home its Android phone

Those of a certain age can probably remember the days in 1977 when the first Commodore computer came onto the scheme and introduced a host of people to computing. The computer had the initials PET attached to it which stood for Personal Electronic Transactor, rather sweet don’t you think? Well it looks as though the company is reviving the adorable name as is having another go at bringing this back, this time though in the form of an Android phone.

For those that do not remember the early days of computing, the name was, in 1977, famous for being attached to the Commodore 64, as well as the VIC 20. The first commodore computer was as we say introduced to the public at the Consumer Electronics Show back in 1977 and the latest product from the company s the Android phone, taking the name form that early home computer.

Commodore PET Smartphone 1

The new PET is a high specification phone and according to what we read on the Commodore website, this indicates that although the screen is a decent 5.5 inch, the resolution is slightly disappointing at just 1,920 by 1,080, but that does not hide the fact that inside of the phone has a lot going for it.

Specification reads that the 64-bit octa-core processor runs at 1.7GHz and is backed up by 3GB of RAM. Storage in the phone is a reasonable 32Gb and this is backed up with external storage through a 64GB MicroSD with a battery of 3000mAh. The phone has Android 5.0 Lollipop installed, plus it also is set up for dual SIM cards, as can be seen a pretty good all round spec.

With regard to the camera, the PET has a camera on the back for your normal photographs of 1-megapixels, and for those who cannot resist selfies an impressive 8-megapixel to the front, useful for skype calls.

For those who had managed to get their hands onto the phone, it appears that the processor is being made by Mediatek and there’s an ARM Mali T760 GPU inside. It should be pointed out that the specifications described above are for the top end model, which we understand is being retailed at $365, or approximately £235, the lower end model has a reduced spec with 2GB of RAM and 16GB of storage, retailing at $30 or again approximately £190.

Commodore PET Smartphone 2

We understand that the PET phone is to be launched initially launching in Italy, France, Germany, and Poland. Other European as well as America is going to have to wait until a later date before the phone is in the shops.

For the sake of Commodore it is hoped that this phone is more successful than the last attempt by the company. In 2010 a company called Commodore USA brought out the C64x and the VIC, the public were not impressed; hopefully PET will have an easier ride.