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New Hero4 Session mini action camcorder from GoPro

This very proactive US Company already dominates the market, but that does not stop it from continuing to develop and introduce new improved products. The latest of these is the all new Hero4 session cam which is smaller and lighter than its earlier models.

The level of success of the Company is demonstrated by having sold more than $363m (£233m) worth of goods over the first three months of the year. The Hero4 Session is now waterproof all without needing a special case to protect it, but before you decide to plunge down to low depths, you may well be disappointed, although we understand that it will cope with a depth of 33ft (10m you need a model which is fitted with special housing to cope with the a depth lower than this.

GoPro has announced a new camera that is 50% smaller and 40% lighter than other Hero4 models but it has some limitations, for example it is limited to a1080p high definition, rather than the 4K format supported by some other versions. It does not feature touch screen, it is simply activated by a button, but it does have an option to be controlled by a smartphone app, or by a separate remote add on.

GoPro Hero 4 Session 1

It has to be said that the new camcorder has lower specs than many other of the Company’s products; GoPro is relying on the fact that it is smaller and lighter with a dual microphone system which they believe will appeal to users who regularly shoot video. Another feature which they are pinning their hopes on is the high quality of the audio, just as important as picture quality; certainly wind noise can ruin an otherwise good video.

The new cam has not been greeted by universal praise and some critics are suggesting that GoPro is has a line-up of products which are bewildering many customers. At one time they had only three cameras, defined as good, better and best you chose the one you could afford that you thought would do the job you wanted.

GoPro faces a growing number of rivals, with EE, Xiaomi, Garmin and HTC among companies to have launched their own action cameras over recent months.



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