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Mobile phone calls to 0800 numbers are now free

This is great news and one which many believe is long overdue; calls to 0800 and 0808 numbers are now free from all phones including mobiles under new Ofcom rules. This means that the changes force mobile operators to make calls to all 175 million “freephone” numbers really free and not impose any charges at all.

Another area which Ofcom have cleared up is the numbers which start 084, 087, 09 and 118. According to research done by the regulator it seem that here in the UK we are spending in the region of a massive 250 million hours calling these numbers every year and as can be imagined the cost is estimated to be £900milliion. It is also apparent that few if any people actually know how much these calls cost. Service operators fail to inform and often not warn users the actual price for making calls to these numbers. From Wednesday all of this has to change there will be an access charge which will go to the provider, plus a service charge set by the company or organisation being called. The access charge will be set by the telecoms companies and they must be absolutely clear to users how much they will be paying on the ultimate bill.

Although calls to 0800 numbers from landlines has been free, not so for users of mobiles, the CEO of Ofcom called these changes the biggest in more than a decade, mobile users will agree with that and we wonder how the companies will recoup their lost revenue, we shall have to wait and see and keep an eye on our contracts.