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Apple reveals new Music app to rival Spotify

Apple were pioneers in the music streaming business and although they did lose ground to Spotify, the company is widely credited with the first digital music revolution, with the launch of the iPod in 2001 and its iTunes Store in 2003. In fact if we look further back to around 1977 a form of rudimentary audio was available on the Apple 11 computers. However it was the launch of the iPod in 2001 that was to be the item which many believe saved Apple as a company, as at the time they were losing out in the computer world to PC’s.

It is the new app from Apple that has set music lovers talking; this combines a streaming song and music video library, and an internet radio station. As you might expect from Apple there are some very clever features that the app supplies, for example it works with the Apple voice controlled assistant, this allows users to ask it to play a song from a movie soundtrack or year, you do not even have to know the track’s name!

Although it is recognised that Apple has come into the music streaming business behind the competition, all due to Steve Jobs being firmly of the opinion that music subscription services would never work, it is seen as a huge competitor to the market leader Spotify’s 15 million paying subscribers, but James McQuivey from the Forrester consultancy believes that Apple will surpass this within the space of a year.

One huge lever will be the three month free subscription and family bundle, but the Music app will initially be restricted to iOS, Windows PCs and Mac computers, but will extend to Android phones and Apple TVs later in the year.