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Lenovo’s new phone features virtual keyboard

Unless you have tiny fingers then you will have found using the keyboard that allows text and emails to be sent frustrating. So it was with interest that we read that the Chinese electronics company Lenovo has unveiled a phone with a built-in laser projector that can be used to display a virtual keyboard or display.

The phone can replicate a full size computer keyboard or even piano keys; these can be projected to any surface even walls! At the same time as they unveiled this phone they also unveiled a smartwatch during the company’s tech world conference in Beijing. Just how successful will this new smart cast phone will be? Well during the conference, Chinese concert pianist Lang Lang used the virtual keyboard to play a version of The Entertainer.

The smart cast laser projector in action shows how twisting the mounting for the device’s lens turns it from a standard wall projector into one that displays on a surface or desk top; it does not require focussing in order to project sharp images.

One person who has tried the phone is Mike Lowe reviews editor at gadget site Pocket-lint and it has to be said he gave it mixed reviews. One comment that he made was: “The history of the projector phone is hardly rosy,” he went on to comment that “Samsung launched the Galaxy Beam in 2012 and that bombed. It’s not been a booming industry for any other manufacturer since.” He went on to remark that he though the phone was nothing more than a gimmick, but it is fun, it’s headline-grabbing, but it’s also impractical, not coming to the UK and well, just isn’t a product anyone is likely to genuinely need,”

Referring to the smart watch, called Magic View, this has two screens, one of which is a public screen that can be seen by anyone, and a second private projected screen only visible when the watch is held close to the face and at a specific angle.