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Sir Jonathan Ive becomes head of design at Apple

He has had tremendous success with Apple and is the man who masterminded the iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch, Sir Jonathan Ive a Chingford born design guru, has reaped the benefit of the overwhelming success of those items by being promoted to chief design officer of the American giant.

He previously held the position of senior vice president of design, but it was revealed during an interview he had with Jonathan Fry that he had been given the new role. During his interview he said that he would travel more as part of the new role, some of which will be to oversee overseeing the design of the company’s growing number of stores. Although he will still have overall control of the way that Apple’s product look, he revealed that another Briton will step up and take the vacant role of head of industrial design. This is being taken on by Richard Howarth, who is best known for his role if shaping the much sought after iPhone and American Alan dye makes up the rest of the team as head of interface, he was responsible for the design of the menus and navigation on the new Apple Watch.

Sir Jonathan, known as Jony at work is 48 years old and joined Apple in 1992, during which time several iconic products were designed and produced and resulted in the company becoming the most valuable in the world worth more than $763bn (£495bn). He studied industrial design in Newcastle at the then polytechnic, which is now Northumbria University, becoming knighted in 2012.

The latest product from Apple has been widely praised for the design, but it caused some concern for the price with the cheapest version coming on at £299, the top end at an eye watering £13,000. It has had mixed reviews and one concern that was raised was that it malfunctioned when worn by people with wrist tattoos.