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Google announces fingerprint unlocking for Android M

Possibly unwittingly, but Google has confirmed that that it’s going to unveil Android M at its I/O 2015 conference next week and it will have fingerprint technology. This is just one of the major new features that will be available to the users of Android M, which we think is really Android 6. If it is true them it will allow users to log in to all of the supported applications on their Android devices without entering a password, perhaps taking on Apple’s TouchID with native fingerprint unlocking.

There have been rumours before of course with the Nexus 6 that was reported to be going to use fingerprint scanning, but as it turns out, there was a change of heart at the last minute. If Google does decide to go ahead with the fingerprint scanning, it would make a lot of sense we believe as it could be included in the next Nexus devices, which we understand are to be announced sometime in the autumn. Rumours suggest that Google is already working with two companies on the new generation of Nexus products, these include LG and Huawei. Current Nexus devices will of course not work with Android M as they do lack the necessary fingerprint sensors. We shall certainly wait with interest to see what the new Android feature does finally look like.



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