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BooM1 TwinMOS Launch iPod speaker dock

This bone shaker of a system is likely to take off as TwinMOS launch a new speaker docking station to fill the requirements from iPod followers.

boom1 twin mos

It’s looking good as it will work with all dockable iPods and the BooM1 is a 2.1 audio system delivering 8watts per channel.

The BooM1 comes with a hefty sub-woofer of 25watts claiming to give that “full room experience” not often heard from such a small unit.

Sound enthusiasts will not feel disappointed by the acoustic technology offering a great frequency range of powerful bass tones with crystal clear highs and vibrant midrange.

Looking at the unit immediate thoughts are futuristic and streamline with a glossy exterior. Colour options are black and white so it’s likely to fit into most environments.

Equipped with a stereo mini jack connection it’s easy to feed in those other gadgets such as MP3 players and CD players.

For an added bonus the unit comes with a full function remote control. The price comes in at around £149.00