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iPhone from Apple

apple iphone “Curved geometry of sheer excellence, slim in profile is exhibited here.”

A great phone that is a picture of radiant beauty with quad band, wifi enabled and bluetooth.

Pulling every punch from the box this minimally crafted, detailed piece of joy really is the future in your hands.
Not only that the whole phone has a robust quality and near scratch proof armour.


The attention to detail with this phone is truly outstanding with high optical glass snugly fitted in a shiny stainless steel rim and an aluminium backing milled to the finest quality this really is gadget luxury.
A comfort hold is guaranteed and fits in the hand whether it’s horizontal or vertical.


Yes its touch screen and yes it delivers.

A fantastic clear and bright resolution for a portable device at 480 x 320 makes reading on screen text a delight with pictures looking great too. When outside the viewing experience is not really diminished either even in direct sunlight.
Another cool feature from apple is that the screen will auto switch off the display via the proximity sensor when it’s close to your ear.


The virtual keyboard is ingenuity in itself and has been well promoted by Apple and not surprisingly so because of its intelligent input recognition system.


Contact information is dealt with efficiently with synchronisation done a breeze back to your desktop pc. Contact groups are easily assigned and the mobile number of the iPhone is displayed at the top which is a really nice touch.


Email is integrated in the iPhone with Yahoo and Gmail also catered for.


Safari is the Apple browser of choice and is simplicity in itself to use and with this mobile it really is like browsing from a pc with featured on screen fit and ability to zoom in and out. You can browse back and forth, add bookmarks and tabs.

The truly fun and surprisingly practical elements of the iPhone come in here with the ability to browse landscape or portrait depending on how the phone is held the display will orientated accordingly.

WAP is supported.


A 2 mega-pixel camera is built in to the iPhone.


The iPod works so well with this phone and is such a natural integration it would be hard to imagine this phone without it. The large touch screen display comes very much into its own here navigation through music artists, tracks and album information is very easy.

The iPod plays back movies, TV shows, podcasts and music.

Phone Calls/SMS

The clarity of voice call from the iPhone is surprisingly good for its size and texting with this phone could not be any easier.

User Interface

The user interface is clear as you would expect from Apple and they have successfully managed to achieve a seamless smooth experience in whatever application is used.
This really is what the IPhone was for and it shows whether making calls, browsing the internet, listening to music it’s all here.

The IPhone is quick to charge within 3 hrs and the battery life is truly incredible.


Mac OS X applications and widgets, including stock trackers, weather, iChat, iCal, iTunes, iMovies, and iPhoto
sms,camera,bluetooth,2 megapixel camera,touch screen,quad-band, wi-fi enabled,internet browsing