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Apple Watches and tattoos just do not mix

What appears to be a malfunction with the just released Apple Watch has come to light and it was affecting only those people who had tattoos. This was first discovered by a user who was tattooed and reported it on Reddit the entertainment, social networking, and news website, who complained that his watch would regularly lose connection, and report inaccurate heart rate results.

Those people who have been affected have to enter their security code repeatedly due to the Apple Watch locking; this only appears to affect wearers with tattoos. Apparently the watch believes that the Apple Watch has left the wrist of the user and so requires them to enter their pin number. What does seem strange is that it is worse on darker tattoos than it is on lighter inks, what is somewhat surprising is that Apple did not foresee the problem as the watch measures heart rate by analysing light absorption through the skin.

The person who reported the problem on Reddit said he thought that his Apple Watch had a faulty wrist sensor, every time he put it on his tattooed wrist, it locked, but when he just held it in the palm of his hand it worked perfectly well, drawing him to the conclusion that his tattoo was the problem. This is the first that we have heard of the problem so it could be that this person just happened to be the only Apple Watch user with a tattoo on their wrist. If it is a question that it locks up on skin with dark tattoos, how does it affect those people with a black skin?

Now of course the wrist detection device can be turned off, but this means that one of the publicised features of the watch will not work, neither will Apple Pay apparently. So far Apple has declined to comment on the situation.

Video: Michael Lovell