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No queues are expected at Apple Watch launch

When Apple launch a new product television footage always show hordes of people queueing overnight to be the first ones to get their hands on the product, but not his time with the new Apple Watch, which is released today.

For a start only six trendy boutiques are selling the watch, although some may already have theirs as the pre orders begin and after that the Watch will not be available to walk up and buy until June. The Watch is the first product that Apple has launched since that has not included co-founder Steve Jobs, who died in 2011.

apple watch side

How much of a success the Watch will be is open to speculation, they are already behind rivals Samsung and Motorola entered the market some time ago with significantly cheaper products and it is the price of the item that has raised quite a few eyebrows. The cheapest Sport model comes in at £299, while the top-end gold Edition version costs an eye-watering £13,000; nonetheless it is beautifully made and finished in common with most Apple products.

The stores that are selling the Watch are in London, Paris, Milan, Tokyo, Los Angeles and Berlin, the London store has been allowed around 300 of the Watch we are led to believe. The Mayfair London seller has made it a condition that people do not queue, an appointment has to be made by calling a special number! Sales are also restricted to one per person and it is again a condition that the person has to show their iPhone before they can part with their money; it crucially needs an iPhone to work and has a battery life of only one day.

apple watch heart

Along with other Apple product the devotees of the marque will ensure that it is a success, but it is not likely to be as big as other Apple items that have gone before. Whilst it was one of the major themes at the recent Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona, the other companies selling similar devices has not caught the attention of the mass market, many believe that theApple following will change that.