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Genius Navigator 335 USB Carbon Mouse

genius Navigator 335
This Genius mouse takes navigation into the fast lane, at its low price of £19.99 from Genius Mouse you can hardly believe the high levels of quality, feel and sleek looks targeted at the professional gamer and business executive.

Its unique modish carbon fibre cover belies build quality only associated with the most expensive of input devices and forms armour of scratch resistant protection. With variable navigator resolution (335 to 1600 or 800 dpi) at the flick of a switch by LED hotkey (No driver required) game play is taken to the max. Programmable gaming turbo button functionality makes repetition and toggle action a breeze in game play meaning you can assign the button as any keyboard hot key.

Not satisfied in totally fulfilling the role for the professional gamer the Navigator 335 is in a league of its own in the business arena making it an essential stylish travelling companion. The Navigator 335 has highly advanced laser technology making the mouse work at its optimum on most surface types with much higher tracking power than your average optical mouse. You can check out more information on the Genius Navigator 335 from this Genius site.

The modern design of this mouse echoes sleek sophistication with its styling and colour not dissimilar to that of the Italian thoroughbred the Ferrari.

It’s key features are:

    Fast key switch DPI
    Scratch resistant carbon fibre
    Advanced laser sensor 1600dpi
    Compact design ideal for notebook users
    Gaming turbo functions


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