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Logitech OEM Speaker S200

Logitech OEM Speaker S200 Cheap speakers you wouldn’t touch them right, especially when they’re under £15. We bought these speakers to prove that just because something’s cheap it doesn’t mean that performance or quality is affected.

First of all these are Logitech speakers so there’s the stamp of quality. As soon as the box arrived with these speakers in we were surprised how heavy it was and there was very little packaging there adding weight. It was literally just a brown box and folded cardboard keeping everything in place. So setup was easy just plug the power cable into the mains and plug the speakers into the Sub with one lead and you’re away. What we liked here at Techlounge was the bass volume on the side of the speaker is handy instead of having it on a wire that just gets in your way, or on the sub itself so you have to bend down so you can adjust the bass for each song you listen to.

The overall sound from this setup is great. We found that having the bass and volume half way on the knobs was about the right volume for us. The blue power light is very bright and I can imagine it lighting up a room late at night. Overall we think these speaker are a bargain.