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Controversy and Video Games – Is it just part of the industry now?

With the latest game in the highly popular Battlefield series dropping this week, it seems that controversy isn’t far away when it comes to first person shooters.

Battlefield: Hardline shuns away from army warfare, instead opting for a cops vs robbers gameplay style; this has already caused a bit of a stir with some of the more conservative folk out there and does pose a question of the morality of law enforcement and militarisation, and ethics when it comes to shooting police officers with all manner of weapons and missiles.

The games developer, Visceral Games has tried to distance themselves away from the topic, with creative director Ian Milham telling gaming website Kotaku in a recent interview, “We didn’t say, ‘We’re gonna take cops and make them like soldiers.’ But if we wanted to do soldiers, we would’ve just done it. So it’s not about making a soldier game in different clothes. Specifically we’re trying to make a TV cop drama more than we are a realistic simulation.”

Adding, “There were points in development where people were like, ‘What if you had to choose between doing this and doing that and there were moral consequences to each choice?’ And I kinda thought, ‘Eh, this game is a clumsy medium to really give those questions the attention they deserve. So let’s not do it that way.'”

The funny thing is that there hasn’t been a big moral backlash in the press like there has been for such games as Grand Theft Auto and Call of Duty in the past, even with a spate of officer involved shootings hitting the headlines in recent months. Maybe controversy is just part of the game industry now, and possibly more importantly it’s all been seen before. Are gamers hardened to controversial activities that are unacceptable in the real world or are they opting to play a game based on how fun it is instead of thinking about the morality of it.

All we know is that the Beta was pretty fun and we can’t wait to play the full version on Friday.

Talking about controversial video games, My Voucher Codes has just produced an interesting infographic about the Most Controversial Video Games Ever Made, check it out below:

videogame infographic

How many of them have you played?

Keep an eye out for our Battlefield: Hardline Review in the coming weeks.



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