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Orange SPV E650

Orange SPV E650
The Orange SPV E650 is the new business phone from Orange that is packed full of features ideal for any person who has to keep track of their work while on the move. The SPVE650 is a smaller version of the SPV M3100 with it’s slide out QWERTY keyboard which makes texting and browsing the web so much easier.

The SPVE650 has everything you need and comes with the new Windows Mobile 6.0 for even more versatility. The SPV’s are improving all the time as they have moved on from the SPV C550 and the SPV M600. The introduction of the keyboard just adds a new dimension to the phone use.

The other key features of the Orange SPV E650 include a 2 mega pixel camera, blue tooth, activesync email, conference calling, video download, video playback and GSM. It has 5 hours talktime and 7 days standby on the battery and comes with Micro SD and Mini SD for external memory. A overall great business phone from Orange.