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Nintendo to bring its games to mobile devices

The news that many fans have been waiting for seemingly for a long time has finally been announced, Nintendo is to bring its games to mobile devices after concluding a deal, which took the industry by surprise, after signing an alliance with Japanese mobile gaming firm DeNA.

What the deal means is that both companies will jointly develop games intended for use with smart phones and other mobile devices, as well as PCs and Nintendo’s own consoles like the 3DS and Wii U all of which are due to be launched by the autumn of 2015. Nintendo also confirmed that the games and titles will be new ones and not existing games, this is to ensure that users experience gaming quality, long delivered by Nintendo on its existing platforms.

In discussing the developments, the joint venture will not flood the market with games, but the accent will be on quality rather than quantity. During a press conference, it was revealed by Nintendo President Satoru Iwata, that talks have been ongoing since 2010, but finally took shape last year. He also took the opportunity to deny that the dedicated console games market was dead, but that it would be missing an opportunity not to look to the mobile market.

Nintendo’s partner DeNA is little known outside of Asia, but it is a multi-billion dollar mobile games operator, over the past few years it has grown through acquisitions such as the $400 million purchase of Ngmoco, and social games maker Punch.

Gamers will be eagerly looking forward to see what games are going to be offered by the duo and we shall be looking at these when they are finally released in the autumn of this year.



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