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TickMe – New Social Networking Site

TickMe Banner

After telling you about the Pixelotto site last week I thought I’d let you know about an exciting new social networking site called TickMe that launched very recently.

Forget about MySpace and FaceParty as these are getting fairly dated and abused now. This new site brings in the much needed extra level of privacy as well as a cool dating angle. The aim of the site is to get ticks from people that either want to be your friend or fancy you. There are 3 different levels of ticks, Hey You, Looking Good and Hot Stuff. If you tick them back you will get a mutual tick and be able to send messages to each other. You can tick people on the site that you would like to get to know more and wait for the mutual tick to come. Sounds very addictive!

By being part of groups you will meet lots of new people. You can also invite people that you like to a group in a way to get them to notice you. Setting up new groups is easy and you can also set up your own private groups just for you and your friends to invite people to. Find people in the advanced search that match your ideal partner.

One part that I like is the Tick League… who will be top of the ticks for this week, or the most ticked overall? All in all it looks like a really cool site that is bound to be the next best thing… so remember you saw it here first!