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Still no decent Wi-Fi in British Hotels

In this modern age of mobiles and internet, it is still a shocking revelation to find that for businessmen and travellers around the country, hotels in Britain are some of the worst in the world for providing guests with an adequate Wi-Fi service; we lag behind countries like Romania and Vietnam for example.

Guest arriving at hotels here in Britain consider that Wi-Fi is one of the main considerations when booking hotel rooms, particularly for business travellers who need to access the internet and emails when away from their place of work, the same can be said for casual travellers who may want to check or send emails. Sadly Britain has an awful long way to go when it comes to providing this and further if it wants to come closer to the top spot; a very long way if it wants to catch up with Ukraine which was the highest in Europe.

During a recent survey, many will be surprised to find that travellers are 33% more likely to find decent Wi-Fi in Europe than in the USA, Asia was top of the list though. There is one area in which we do very well and that is providing free Wi-Fi, 73.4% of those that had Wi-Fi, and that is not too far from the best for Wi-Fi quality, South Korea.

With modern technology we find it surprising that hotels are so reluctant to provide this modern, and dare we say essential service, particularly as most pubs here in Britain offer it to their customers as part of their service. Hotels will have to get their act together as business people in particular and going to be very fussy about where they stay the night if no Wi-Fi is on offer at the hotel.