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Windows 10 finally gets it right!

Microsoft have recently preview the much awaited Windows 10 which it is believed is everything that the previous ones should have been so it looks as though they may have it right this time; Windows 10 is fixing all that was wrong with Windows 8.

So we have to ask, what does Windows 10 offer that Windows 8 did not? Well they have revived the start menu which really does make life easier, why did they take it away we have to wonder. They have integrated Cortana, which is a personal digital assistant, a kind of secretary who can help make your life easier. Instead of searching for things you ask Cortana – so if you want to know what the weather is going to be like, how many pounds are in a kilo, Cortana will give you the answer.

Another feature which is called Spartan, not the very disciplined people of the ancient Greek city, but a stripped down browser, that offers users offers a reading mode, the chance to annotate web pages or save them to read later, and generally do a host of things, that we have to say are offered already by others.

We could say that Windows 10 is not a great leap forward, we do not think that it is, but importantly it does out right things that should never have been allowed to be seen in Windows 8, we have to remember that this piece of software from Windows will be used be millions in the years to come, and for that alone it has to work, it did not last time and it must now ensure that it has regained the faith of all its customers and manufacturers. The same has to be said for the HoloLens glasses that Microsoft also unveiled, it could change the world as we see people walking around in silly glasses, or possibly an industrial designer makes them look better.