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iPhone 6 survives 100,000ft fall from the edge of space

We cannot guarantee that this is the ultimate drop test for a mobile phone, but we would be very surprised if there was a bigger or more dramatic one than the latest test carried out over English countryside on an iPhone6. Now we have heard of devices which have been dropped from aircraft, tested in molten lava, but being taken to the edge of space has got to be as dramatic as it gets surely.

As with most of these well documented publicity stunts this has a distinct purpose, it is part of an effort to sell us something, well naturally! The dramatic test was devised in order to sell the benefits of the Urban Armor Gear which is the composite which was used to protect the iPhone’s trip into space and of course back again!

The test was to take the iPhone up into space with the help of a balloon, a couple of pro cameras as well GPS and a back up phone, why was that we wonder! The phone ascended over 100,000 feet to the stratosphere before the balloon ruptured and the device began to fall.

Eventually a parachute deployed, you would not want to be hit by a phone descending at speed from 100,000 feet would you! During the descent the iPhone6 had to withstand a temperature of minus 79 degrees Fahrenheit, which as you might well understand killed the charge in the battery, winds of 70 miles per hour and spinning around at 150 revs per minute!

When it eventually landed which was a bit on the rough side, unsurprisingly the rig broke, but here you have it; after a recharge of the battery the iPhone worked, it was completely functional.

Check out the video below:


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