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iPod classic is still selling for £593

It was in September this year that we reported that he iconic iPod classic MP3 player had been quietly withdrawn by Apple, but we are now wondering if it was a hasty decision. Reports are still coming in that retailers who got hold of large stocks of the classic are selling them on the internet, new and boxed for an eye watering £593 leaving us to wonder if they pulled the plug rather too soon.

If the numbers add up and the number of people that are still willing to pay that sort of money for the iPod classic then we must assume it was not a very wise decision. Now we are given to understand that the company could no longer source all of the parts it needed, and redesigning it totally would be too expensive. As we have pointed out earlier, Apple was on its knees when they brought out the iPod classic and it undoubtedly saved them from going to the wall, shame that they could not have saved it in return.

If you want an MP3 player now it is found in your mobile phone, however nothing can match the huge amount of memory that the classic had, an enormous 128GB and that is massive. Yes we know that the largest iPhone can hold 128GB, but remember that also has to store everything else including the operating system, apps and no doubt numerous photographs, nothing can compare with the iPod classic for storage and of course quality. The successors are simply not in the same league, for example the iPod touch is full of apps and the iPod nano is just too small to be realistic.

Perhaps someone will come up with something that resembles the classic, and fill the gap with a high-capacity, simple MP3 player, time will no doubt tell.