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Merry Christmas from Techlounge!

It’s been a fun filled year full of great technology and our team here at Techlounge want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and look forward to seeing you in the New Year.

If you have some Christmas money burning a hole in your pocket here are our top technology picks for 2014:

Moto 360 (£199)

Moto 360

Smart Watches really came into focus this year with all of the major tech companies jumping on the trend, but in our opinion the best smartwatch on the market at the moment is the Moto 360. Motorola outdid themselves when it came to designing the Moto 360 and is one of the first smart watches to have a classic round face instead of a square or rectangular one.

Powered by Android Wear, the Moto 360 displays notifications based on what you are doing such as local weather, traffic alerts and flight times. The Moto 360 also lets you use voice control to get things done including sending texts and reminders and even get directions.

Built-in software allows you to track your heart rate, steps, distance travelled and calories burned, as well as allow you to set your own fitness goals. With a range of developer working with the Android Wear platform, the Moto 360 is sure to grow in time, adding more and more apps and functions in the near future.

Users can customise the Moto 360 to their liking but choosing different watch straps and choosing from a variety of built-in watch faces, and the wireless charging bay means that you don’t have wires all over the place.

The Moto 360 is available now from various retailers from £199.

Kolibree Toothbrush

Kolibree Toothbrush

Technology is being integrated into everything nowadays and toothbrushes are no exception. The Kolibree toothbrush is specially designed to make brushing your teeth more efficient and has a range of built-in sensors that interact with your smartphone.

With a vibrating toothbrush head, 3D motion sensors and Bluetooth connectivity, The Kolibree Toothbrush can help parent’s monitor their children’s brushing habits as well as their own. The Kolibree smartphone app has a range of interactive games for children to play while they are brushing their teeth using the orientation of the toothbrush, this helps them learn how to properly brush in a fun way.

The app also helps users manage user’s dental hygiene by showing them which part of their mouth needs more attention, as well as giving oral health advice from dental professionals. The open platform of the app also ensures that new and creative games and features will be developed in the future.

The Kolibree Toothbrush is available to pre-order from their website now.

Hudl2 Tablet (£129)


The Hudl2 Tablet is Tesco’s latest offering in the tablet market and features an 8.3” Full HD screen, front and back cameras, and 16GB of internal storage.

Running on the Android KitKat operating system, the Hudl2 has access to a huge range of apps, games, movies and music, enough to keep everyone in the family happy. The Intel quad-core processor and 2Gb of RAM make it lightning fast allowing users to play the latest games and movies in full HD.

A microSD card slot is also built-in, meaning that the storage can be increased by up to 32GB. Dual-band Wi-Fi connectivity allows users to keep up to date with their social media, download the latest movies and music, and surf the internet just about anywhere.

With a 5 megapixel rear camera and a 1.2 megapixel front mounted camera, the Hudl2 can capture pictures and movies effortlessly and an 8 hour battery life means that you won’t be breaking out the charger anytime soon.

The Hudl2 Tablet is available in 8 different colours including red, orange and white and is currently priced at £129 on the Tesco website.