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A Quick guide to GTA V on Xbox One and PS4

Rockstar has finally released its re-mastered version of Grand Theft Auto V for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, so we thought we’d tell you why you need this game.

Grand Theft Auto V was the biggest selling game of 2013, selling more than 30 million copies worldwide. The games huge open-world map allows players to roam free and create all kinds of chaos as you follow three criminals as they plan out and attempt a range of heists.

Originally only released on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, Rockstar has beefed up the graphics and added some new features for its Xbox One and PlayStaion 4 incarnations. Here is what to expect from this latest edition:


Visual Improvements
GTA V has had a visual makeover for the latest generation of consoles and now runs at 1080p and 30fps. Landscapes, characters and vehicles are visibly more detailed with improved texture resolutions, anti-aliasing and tessellation. The lighting effects have also been overhauled to produce a better looking day/night cycle and a new dynamic weather system put in place which brings sudden rain storms and other weather effects.

The power of the new consoles also means that there is more traffic on the roads and more pedestrians roaming around the city.

Visual Improvements Video

First Person View

GTA has historically been viewed from the third person (you can see the character on the screen), but Rockstar has created a new optional first person view for its latest port. You can play in first person mode through the majority of the game or you can choose one of the options to make first person view happen in certain circumstances i.e. while driving or hiding behind cover.

First Person View Video

New content

Plyers who purchase GTA V for the Xbox One or PlayStation 4 will have access to all of the downloadable content released by Rockstar over the past year. This includes a variety of new cars, weapons and cloths, as well as new challenges and missions.

The audio has also been upgraded with over 100 new tracks to listen to through the in-game radio stations.

Returning players that played the original version of the game can port their saved game data to the new version. This means that you can start from where you left off in the previous version and have access to all of your cars, guns and money on your new console.

GTA Online

GTA Online hasn’t been left out either; players can now roam the map in first person mode just like the single player game and can use the built in creator tool to create bigger and more ambitious challenges for themselves and friends. The player count has also been upped to 30 players, so expect even more carnage online.

With the new additions and visual effects, GTA V for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 shows us how the franchise is moving into the future.

Have you played the latest GTA V yet? Leave your comments below.



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