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Ofcom set to disrupt digital TV signals again to make room for more mobile data

Ofcom has announced that it plans to make the 700 MHz band spectrum available for mobile data use. By opening up the 700 MHz band width, Ofcom hopes to allow mobile networks to provide better performance at a reduced cost, which in turn could mean lower bills for consumers.

However, opening up the band width would mean that other services including digital terrestrial television (DTT) and PMSE services which contains wireless communications for musical and sporting events would have to be moved to other frequencies.

Ofcom will release its plans in more detail over the coming years including what services might be affected during the transition which is due to start in 2019. For the vast majority of people there will be minimal disruption, in many cases a TV retune will be in order to continue to receive DTT and PMSE services.

Ofcom plans to make the band available to mobile networks by 2022 and has already started to meet with DTT providers, PMSE services and representatives of TV viewers.



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