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Mobile phone and tablet devices now outnumber humans

Give or take the odd person, there are 7.197 billion people in our world which at one time we thought was a pretty big place, but with the rise of the internet it has become much smaller. The smartphone continues its inevitable expansion in terms of ownership and the tablet is growing in strength daily and now we can report that ownership of mobile devices such as the smartphone and tablet stands currently at 7.229 billion, outnumbering the population of the world.

Whilst it is true that many of us have more than one smartphone, the drawers across the world must be full of them, it is also common for people to have both smartphone and tablet, but the total number of mobile subscribers stands at 3.6 billion across the world, the remaining devices are what are known as M2M or machine to machine.

Now what this means of course, is that there are very many people across the world that do not have any sort of mobile device, the industry therefore has a lot of work still left to do and there is tremendous scope out there.

Whilst tablet ownership is very steadily increasing, it is the smartphone that will increase mobile internet use. Taking the USA as an example and we here always follow it very closely, the usage of mobile internet is around 24% of the population, which although it may be a small proportion, this has increased by a whopping73% over last year.

Just three short years ago, the desktop computer was the platform that was used right across the world to connect to the internet. Now we know that it is mobile devices that are prominent in countries such as India, South Africa and Saudi Arabia; we expect that trend to continue across the world.

As we pointed out earlier it is the smartphone that is leading the charge to mobile internet connecting, could it be because these devices are now coming with bigger screens that have slowed the sales of the tablet?