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Superman Returns Mouse

superman man
With the release of the new Superman movie it would be silly not to have a related gadget. These are available in 3 colours Blue/Red, Blue/Black and Silver/Black. You can purchase a whole array of Superman Returns goodies for your PC/Mac. Also available is a keyboard, USB Hub and a Card Reader.

All of these products are officially licensed so you can expect high quality gadgetry.

At Techlounge we think the mouse looks slightly like a Logitech counterpart, so if this is true you know you’re going to get a good buy. The mouse has a 800 Dpi laser in side and a USB connection so no driver needed.

Branding the Superman logo on the top of the mouse really makes stand out from the crowd of ordinary mouse.

Only seen this state side at the moment but we guess they’ll soon come over here so keep your eyes peeled


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