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Shuttle XPC X100

shuttle xpc x100
Here at Techlounge we are big fans of the Shuttle systems and it is what we use in our offices. We were excited to hear that there will soon be a new Shuttle available called the XPC X100.

This Shuttle XPC X100 sets new standards in the PC arena and is the smallest system that Shuttle have produced. It is around 5 cms high and has a footprint of an A4 piece of paper. So roughly the size of a ream of paper. The size does not mean it has lost any performance qualities and the XPC X100 has a fantastic spec.

Expect to see the XPC X100 come with a choice of IntelR Core Solo or Duo T2400 processors, a 250 gb Sata HDD, ATI Radeon x1400 graphics card, optical drive, wireless LAN, Firewire, multiple USB ports and a multi card reader. Shuttle have also kept the Silent X Technology which is amazing. The Shuttle XPC X100 looks extremely sleek and will save a huge amount of space on your desk, especially if you use it in the upright position.