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Apple stops selling the iPod Classic, is this the end of an era?

The beautiful gadget that put paid to the Sony Walkman, has sadly died and is no more; we are referring to the iPod Classic which has apparently been withdrawn, with no announcement from Apple. The fact that it no longer appeared on the webpage for the classic was spotted by tech aficionados and the page took you to the iPod Touch

Music fans loved the Classic with it massive storage of more than 40,000 songs in the 164GB capacity, the iPod touch having half that capacity. The classic attracted users by not just the capacity, nor the high quality of reproduction of sound through ear buds, but it really was easy to use and the click wheel replaced a mass of buttons with its four separate feature, naturally it was a huge hit.

So if you do not own a classic then you may have to put up with the iPod touch and 64GB, which many consider a far inferior product to the eponymous classic. However, if you really want one then many retailers may still have them in stock, but hurry as we expect they will disappear from the shelves quickly, Amazon and Curry’s still had them up to a few days ago. The only solution after that will be the second hand market.

The first version of the iPod appeared in 2001.