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New infographic shows who owns our social media

Social media now plays a large role in many people’s lives, keeping them connected with their friends and families, and giving them access to the latest trends and news from all over the world. With the average user spending 3 hour per day on social media sites, it may be useful to know just who owns our social media.

The tech savvy people at have thought the same thing and have produced a handy infographic to show us who actually owns our social media, including how much it is worth and what they make from us.

During their research My Voucher Codes found that the majority of our social media is controlled and owned by 5 companies including Facebook, Google, Twitter, Linkedin and Yahoo! This means that these 5 companies alone have a large influence in our everyday lives.

Facebook alone has 1.07 billion active monthly users, and through its acquisitions of WhatsApp and Instagram has 1.87 billion total users. Check out the infographic below for an informative look at our social media:

Who Really Owns Our Social Media

Mark Pearson from My Voucher Codes talked about the research saying, “People rarely think twice about using social networking sites, let alone who actually owns our social media. We have known for a long time that Facebook has dominated, however their growth is also down to their acquisitions and they are not alone, with Google, Twitter and Yahoo buying up start up after start up, they are increasing their control.”

He added, “There are plenty of new start-ups heading into the arena, but it’s hard to say whether they will be as popular as Facebook. Of course there have been a number of other social networking websites that have been and gone, some are still used now but cannot compete on the same level as Facebook, Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn. And we will no doubt see many more in future, fade away.”



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