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Police reveal that Londoners are nearly twice as likely to have their mobile phones stolen

The Metropolitan Police have released figures that show an astonishing 42% of all electronic equipment reported stolen in the UK come from London, prompting a warning for those in the city to keep a close eye on their electrical devices.

People in London are nearly twice as likely to have their electronic devices, such as mobile phones, tablets and laptops stolen than in any other part of the UK. According to the figures, which were released due to a series of Freedom of Information requests of the 290,651 thefts of electronic equipment throughout the UK, a substantial 42% were reported in the Metropolitan Police area.

The figures go on to reveal that the theft of electrical items accounted for 34% of all thefts in the London area, as opposed to 17% for the rest of the UK.

Chief executive of ViaSat UK, who requested the information, Chris Mcintosh said, “There are several reasons why London may have reported such a high rate of theft of electronic goods,

“Firstly, as the wealthiest and most populous area of the country, there will be far more opportunities to take these items. Second, the nature of people’s work and travel within the city means that they will both be carrying computers, tablets or smartphones more often and also be more at risk of theft when they do so.”

As our lives become ever more entwined with electronics and the online world so does the amount of personal information stored on these devices. This makes them an attract item to thieves as they will not only gain the device, but also the data held on it, making the potential of data theft and exploration a real worry.

Mr Mcintosh went on to say, “Our advice is simple,”

“If you live in London, work in London, are travelling to London, or are doing business with London-based people, either make sure that personal data is protected or avoid sharing it.”

Picture: Cory Doctorow


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