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Gigaset QV830 – an impressive tablet for under £100

If you caught sight of this whilst browsing the internet or on a shopping trip, you could be forgiven for thinking that, because this device is made by Gigaset the makers of home ‘phones, that it was somehow connected with a landline telephone. However it is in fact an eight inch tablet with a good spec that compares well with some of the cheaper offerings from Amazon, Apple and Tesco.

The Gigaset QV830 looks premium with its aluminium back, 8mm thickness, light weight of just 319 g and large screen, which will be great for browsing the photographs taken with the 5 megapixel rear facing camera. All the necessary buttons and the ports which include the tablet volume, power switch, micro-USB, headphone jack and storage for the micro SD are neatly situated along the top edge of the device.

Gigaset QV830 2

Battery usage is reported as being good and claimed to be adequate for watching HD films for seven hours, internet usage for up to eight hours and listening to music a whole sixty five hours!

The Gigaset uses the Android Jellybean 4.2 and whilst this is not the newest of the Android systems, is more than adequate for a device in this price bracket. All the usual Google apps are installed and at the Google Play app store, millions of others are there for downloading.

Taking the price into consideration, the Gigaset is a long way ahead of where other budget tablets were and it will make an excellent introduction to the tablet world for a student, family, or a person who needs access to the web when out and about.