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Tablet market in dramatic slowdown

An unexpected dramatic slowdown in sales of new tablets has taken the industry completely by surprise due to owners of the devices keeping them far longer than expected. One of the causes of this is possibly due to better and more prolonged battery life, software updates and robustness of the tablet itself, which has resulted in owners happier to use their tablets far longer than was first anticipated, much longer than smartphones for example.

Manufacturers anticipated to some extent that they would take over from laptops, but most users see them for what they are handy devices for surfing the net, looking at photos, using a few apps and playing games. Of course, users soon realised that a computer which has no keyboard and mouse is tedious to use, slow and difficult.

They still have their place of course and the student market is still buoyant up from 23 per cent in 2013, and currently the tablet is owned by about 40 per cent. The tablet is used by them and many others for replying to emails and browsing social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook.