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Heathrow warns travellers to the US to ensure all electronic gadgets are charged

Heathrow Airport officials are warning passengers travelling to the US with electronic gadgets in their hand luggage that they must ensure that all their devices are charged or face having them confiscated. Details were posted on the airports website and official Facebook page and comes after a request from the US that ‘certain overseas airports’ implement enhanced security protocols over fears of terrorist threats.

The UK government has also revised its rules regarding US travel stating that if a ‘device doesn’t switch on, you won’t be allowed to bring it on to the aircraft’. Those affected by the new rules may also have to undergo additional security measures.

The Department of Transport declined to comment on whether other UK airports would impose similar rules to passengers travelling to the US.


Last week American officials told the press that they were aware of a ‘credible’ terrorist threat as tension between the US and Islamic Militants in Syria and Yemen grows, but did not link this latest security restriction to any specific intelligence.

Passengers who arrive at the security point with devices with no charge will be directed to a nearby retailer that may be able to provide a charging cable. Those who are still unable to power on their device will be given the option to pay for the MailandFly service, allowing banned hand luggage to be shipped to them separately or held in a warehouse for up to 42 days.


British Airways and a number of other airlines have also warned passengers that electronic devices purchased from the airports shop must also have power.

There is still confusion on which devices will need to be charged before going through security with US officials singling out mobile phones, while UK hand luggage rules also mention tablets, music players and cameras as other examples.


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