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Motorola P970 Charger

motorola p970
Sick of your battery dying on your Motorola RAZR or SLVR, then this is the official gadget for you.

The Motorola P970 is a portable charger, it contains batteries inside which hold their charge until you require it.

We’re guessing that the P970 will charge any device via a mini USB port which would be very handy for your PDA / Smart Phone.

Again the Motorola design team have done a great job with the P970, its going to be worth spending at least £40 on this device as it looks so well designed and built, as are all Motorola products. It weighs 79g and measures .4 x 5.1 x 2.4cm.

The only problem is the mini USB connector at the top which might get damaged quite easily, it would be better if there was a sliding compartment over the top of it.