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Xbox 360 Chrome Faceplate

xbox 360 faceplate
Do you fancy pimpin’ your Xbox 360, well here’s your chance. You can now buy brand new face plates for it.

These kits include the DVD drawer cover and eject button. Now be warned, to replace the eject button you will need to open your xbox 360 to put the eject button on, so unless you have already opened it, or your xbox 360 is out of the warranty then don’t bother. If you only have the core version it will stick out like a sore thumb with a white eject button and the rest chrome.

Costing £16.99 it’s a cheap way to make your xbox 360 look different to everyone else’s, but if you have kids you’ll soon get sick of wiping it clean, as its prone to attract kids with sticky fingers.

If your xbox 360 is prone to getting scratched then this might not be the best £16.99 you’ve spent, as you will soon notice that similar marks appear.


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