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New Samsung patent suggests a round smartwatch with hand gestures in our future

Newly found patents from Samsung show that the Korean electronics giant could be considering adding hand gestures to its smartwatches in the future. The patents seem to show that the company is looking beyond simply a touchscreen for its future devices by adding a range of mid-air gestures to operate their devices.

The patent shows a wide array of different interface options that could be built into wearable devices, including sensors built into the wristband, mid-air hand gestures using the front facing camera and the ability to recognise specific movements made by the hand that the device in on.

One of the eight patents also makes a reference to a rotating element around the touchscreen display meaning that the watches bezel could also be used as an interface option. There is also reference to gestures being made behind the device, possibly with touch sensitive sensors embedded onto the band.

Samsung Patent2


The patent goes on to say that the smartphone can delegate tasks to ‘one or more computing devices separate from the wearable computing device’, this would presumably be a smartphone or tablet.

Perhaps more interestingly, the patent diagrams show a smartwatch with a round face, similar to the Motorola Moto 360 that has been creating a buzz recently, and is completely different to Samsung’s previous smartwatches.

Taking the emphasis away from the small touchscreen and adding a wide range of gesture inputs makes a lot of sense, especially as some of the major gripes with smartwatches today is the small screen real estate.

The patents date back to August 2013, so it’s perhaps not a good idea to read too much into the diagrams, but it’d be nice to have another traditional looking smartwatch to compare to the Moto 360.


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