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Xbox 360

xbox 360 Get ready for the Christmas rush and mark the date on your calendar. The new Xbox 360 will be released into the UK on the 2nd December, 10 days after its release in the USA. This is Microsoft’s challenger to the Sony PSP as the must have gadget for Christmas. There will be 2 Xbox 360 bundles available, one retailing at £210 which will include a console and a wireless controller. The second bundle will retail at £280 which will also include a 20 GB HDD as well as a few other cool accessories.

It is being marketed as a high definition gaming and entertainment experience where similar to the original Xbox you can play games as well as play with others experiencing great quality. The new design is amazing and very stylish, being smoother and sleeker than the original Xbox. Get your Xbox connected to the internet and you can game with friends, chat and download music and movies. If you have played the original Xbox you will have already been impressed with the game quality in look, sound and play. The Xbox 360 redefines what you have already experience with improved graphics and game play, incorporating multi-channel surround sound and movie like graphics. Having a wireless controller adds to the feeling. It is a great home entertainment system for both adults and kids.