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Xbox One no longer to be sold with Kinect

Microsoft yesterday announced that the Xbox One game console will no longer be sold with the Kinect bundle worldwide from the 9th June. Not only will this decision give gamers more options, it will also lower the price of the console to £350, the same price as the Sony Playstation 4 and $399 in the US.

For those that still wish to have the Kinect, which tracks the movement of a gamer and translates it to an action on the screen, added to their Xbox One, Microsoft will begin selling it separately in the autumn so it can be added later on.

The Kinect was initially introduced in 2010, and in addition to translating movement in the real world to the screen, it also allows a player to control their console via gesture and voice.


According to the Head of Xbox Business Strategy, Yusuf Mehdi, the decision for Microsoft to sell the Xbox One separately was as a response to feedback from fans. He stated: “This decision wasn’t made by ourselves. We spent a lot of time speaking to our gaming partners and entertainment partners to balance the right feedback to meet their needs and our customers’ needs.”


Microsoft have also announced with this news that they will be making it possible to watch Netflix, Youtube, Hulu and Twitch via the new Xbox One model without needing to add an additional Xbox live account.