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Amazing New Tech – 3D Printing Pen

A 3D printing pen is not a new idea, last year 3Doodler was launched as the world’s first 3D printing pen which had a massive Kickstarter campaign. The 3Doodler used a quick-hardening filament which allows you to draw free-form three-dimensional objects by hand with no need to draw the designs on a computer first. Such an awesome idea, now U.K. start Lix is building a precise version of the 3Doodler concept.

Lix Pen 2

Lix, like 3Doodler, need crowd-funding to get off the ground, when it was launched on Tuesday it quickly reached and passed its £30K goal with around £200K at the moment. So it seems this form of technology is very popular. Lix have been developing their pen with professional users such as designers, artists and architects, in mind. At the moment the pen is still a prototype, but with all the funding and backing Lix are receiving it soon could become a reality as they are on the verge of finalising the design. The company plan to have the pen ready for mass production within the next couple months. So the early backers of the pen could get their hands on it this autumn. more…

Lix 3

There are some considerable design differences between the Lix Pen and the 3Doodler, most notable the size. Although both work in a similar manor, the Lix Pen is much thinner, more like a pen than its counterpart, which makes it much easier to use. The pen is loaded with a special ABS or PLA filament and you can control the flow with two buttons controlling the speed that the material comes out. It is made out of a lightweight aluminium and can be operated with a USB power cord.

Lix Pen Final Prototype

Lix Pen


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