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This is Razer’s Project Christine! The World’s Most Modular PC

This is project Christine! Razer’s new modular PC concept that could change the way people customise their computers in the future.  For more than 30 years only advanced users have been able to customise their PC, knowing where to put the parts, knowing what does what, but now with Project Christine its easy all you have to do it plug the component you want in and there you go. Yes it is that easy!

This machine it simple and easy to work with and lets you customize your PC to how you want it with no technical knowledge at all. All you have to do it plug your part such as, CPU, memory, graphics card, storage or power supply into the bay and within a matter of seconds it’s activated because it automatically activates the component.

Project Christine 2

PC’s are evolving every year, getting more advanced and more difficult to get your head round, but Razer have made this PC simple and easy to use and at the same time fast and reliable. Each module on Project Christine has an in-built water cooling system, this makes it virtually silent and more efficient than standard fans.

You get to choose the parts you want and you get to choose where they go. We don’t know how much this product will cost when it comes out, but hard core gamers will pay easily £2000 for a high end computer that is easy to upgrade.

The market for this type of technology is going to go through the roof, as PC gaming is massive at the moment and people always want a new product to test out. The best thing about Project Christine is the simple design that won’t make it a challenge for people to upgrade in the future.

Project Christine 3