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The Samsung HU8500 Ultra HD 4k TV has landed!

Samsung have taken TV viewing to the next level with their new and improved curved TV the HU8500 Ultra HD TV. It went on sale in the UK on the 14th of April and will be followed by the company’s flagship version, an impressive 105in monster.

The HU8500 Ultra HD TV was first shown at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) earlier this year, and Samsung announced that the HU8500 will be released in the UK in 55in and 65in formats. Both of which have a curved display which Samsung say it will create a wider view than a normal HD TV.

Samsung HU8500 2

As well as its curved screen, the HU8500 features resolutions 4 times the normal HD 1080p for the most immersive viewing experience. Along with the resolution this product comes with a Smart Hub system which includes watching your favourite movies on Netflix; the only reason there isn’t any others is because no other companies have upgraded to streaming on 4K resolution.

The only thing that wasn’t mentioned in Samsung’s press release was the price, Samsung have said that other retailers will be setting their own prices. From having a look all over the web we have found the 55in from £2,699 and the 65in from £3999.


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