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The New Mini Cooper S is Android-enabled

The motoring world is catching up with the tech world, and the new Mini Cooper S is a fine example of technology and motoring working well together. Featuring the well-known Mini styling, the curvy hot hatchback may look like normal Mini on the outside. However inside it features a number of technological additions as well as a few engineering improvements.

MINI Cooper S 6

We could go on about the details of this new car, however we are a tech news site, not a motoring news site, so let’s focus on what Mini have been working with to make this model stand out from the crowd. It is more technologically advanced than ever before, with a whole host of driver aids. These include:

  • Active distance-sensing cruise control
  • Collision detection
  • Automated brake assist
  • Road sign detection
  • Auto-dipping high beams
  • Automated parking
  • Configurable driving mode
  • Head-up display navigation
  • 8.8-inch HD screen
  • Journey Mate app
  • Android support

MINI Cooper S 2

Previous models have offered support to iPhone users, so moving into Android makes the added technology viable with other users. The Mini Connected allows you to be better connected with your car and with Mini. From easy access social media to route information as you go, plus the option to contact Mini if you need to when out and about. The handy central display also means information can be shown easily in your field of vision. The screen is see through and retractable, it can show speed, navigation and information about your journey.

MINI Cooper S 5

MINI Cooper S 7


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