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Microsoft Ultra Mobile PC – Project Origami

microsoft ultra mobile pc We have been following the latest gossip and news on the so called Project Origami for a few weeks now and have been waiting for something to report on it that would be fact rather than just speculation.

On Thursday last week it was revealed at the CeBIT show in Hanover that Microsoft’s new product is going to be, what Microsoft are now calling, the Ultra Mobile PC. There has been plenty of speculation as to what the device might be from a media player to a PC, but the Ultra Mobile PC will be much more. This new mobile device is around the size of a large paperback book, and you will be able to take it and use it everywhere.

For starters it is being billed as the device that take over and replace many uses for a laptop. The Ultra Mobile PC is exactly what it says. It will be a fully functional PC incorparating Windows XP, ( at a later date it will have Windows Vista installed ) that will allow you to surf the web, email, IM, play games, look at photos, listen to music and everything else that you would get from a PC. The amazing thing that they have managed to adapt is the functionality of a touch screen into Windows XP using Windows Touch Pack. There is no keyboard with the Ultra Mobile PC, but does have USB ports if you needed to plug one in at some point. The operation of the device is done using a stylus or touch.

The main body of the device is taken up with a 7″ clear screen which will make it much easier to use. It is obviously wireless and has bluetooth enabled. In terms of power, expect to see them with at least a 60GB hard drive, but you may be disappointed at the reported battery life of just 2.5 hours. With the Ultra Mobile PC Microsoft are just providing the software and other manufacturers are producing the hardware such as Samsung. Initial retail prices in the US are between $600 and $1000. Can’t say how much they will be when they start to sell them in the UK…most likely to be the $ / £ equivalent price. The Ultra Mobile PC is set to be released next month.

For more information check out the Microsoft Ultra Mobile PC site.