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3D Systems unveils iSense 3D iPad Scanner

3D Systems has been at the forefront of 3D printing and rapid prototyping machines and accessories for some time now and has just unveiled its latest device, the iSense 3D iPad Scanner. Set to be released later this year, the iSense 3D scanner clips to the top edge of an iPad and turn the device into a fully-fledged 3D scanner.

Users can scan in just about anything including objects, people and even whole rooms then edit them in their chosen 3D software package ready to be machined or 3D printed to their hearts content.

3D printers are again a big show grabber at this year’s CES 2014 with a range of affordable consumer products be unveiled including 3D System’s new Cube 3 3D Printer which is designed to be an entry-level machine for the home or office, but it is the iSense 3D iPad Scanner that has captured people’s imagination so far this year.

Rajeev Kulkarni from 3D Systems explains, “We are excited to bring a sleek new physical-photography device to iPad lovers the world over,” Adding that, ”iSense has the most diversity in its class for scan size and can capture everything from a delicious cupcake to a full body selfie, processing in seconds to a 3D printable file, and comes with powerful, intuitive software that lets the user crop and enhance with easy and automated tools.”

The iSence 3D iPad Scanner is expected to officially launch later this year for approximately $500.

So, what would you scan with this 3D iPad Scanner? Leave your comments below.


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