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Judge Outs HTC M8 Release Date

Adding to the woes of HTC, is the news that the launch date of their M8 has been ousted during a recent court case against Nokia. Documents revealed that the HTC M8, or HTC One Two as it is also known could be released in the first quarter of 2014, and possibly as early as February 2014 according to adduced evidence from Nokia.

Currently HTC are finding their UK sales of the HTC One Mini and One Max blocked by Nokia. This is due to the belief by Nokia that both handsets infringe some Nokia-owned patents. Currently only these to handsets are covered by the ban which means HTC are not allowed to sell the Mini from December 6. However the HTC One handset, HTC flagship device is still at risk of the ban. However the judge on the case stated a ban of this one would cause “considerable” damage.