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Sony PlayStation 4 vs. Microsoft Xbox One

Microsoft do have the upper hand with sales, releasing them in more countries than Sony, however Sony does have a week advantage for its US sales. So After the Xbox One was released on Friday what are the sales figures looking like after the weekend rush?

So how do they stack up in the first 24hrs of sale? The Sony PS4 sold over a million in the first 24hrs as did the Xbox One. That’s as definitive as those figures get. It is worth looking at the fact Sony still have a few release to go across the rest of the world, UK included. And so far Microsoft has sold out at most retailers. So until the next shipments are released, it looks like Sony may move ahead.

Success isn’t really marked by initial sales. With these consoles, long term sales shows success, which is why the last round was won by Microsoft, when they released the Xbox 360 and Sony Released the PS3. However one thing we can see from initial sales is that both the latest consoles are starting off stronger than their predecessors.



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